Krasnodar city: main facts and map

Krasnodar is located in the south of Russian Federation, in the central part of Krasnodar Krai, on the right bank of the river Kuban, 1300 km from Moscow. The city was founded in 1793 as Ekaterinodar and was renamed in 1920. It has a total area of 339 km² and population of 948827 people (2021 data *). Unofficially it is called the southern capital of Russia.

Municipal formation of the city of Krasnodar includes Krasnodar and 29 rural localities. It has the population of 1037888 people. For effective management it is divided into 4 intracity okrugs (some call them districts): Karasunsky (Карасунский), Prikubansky (Прикубанский), Tsentralny (or Central, Центральный) and Zapadny (or Western, Западный) **.

The map of Krasnodar with 4 okrugs

Tsentralny (Central) okrug
Area: 28,5 km².
Population: 189098.

Zapadny (Western) okrug
Area: 22 km².
Population: 181450.

Tsentralny and Zapadny okrugs cover the center of Krasnodar. The border runs along the main street of Krasnaya. It is the face of the city with the most developed infrastructure.

Karasunsky okrug
Area: 152 km².
Population: 282254.
It includes 2 rural okrugs (9 settlements):
●  Pashkovsky (Пашковский);
●  Starokorsunsky (Старокорсунский).

Prikubansky okrug
Area: 474 km².
Population: 385086.
It includes 3 rural okrugs (20 settlements):
●  Berezovsky (Березовский);
●  Elizavetinsky (Елизаветинский);
●  Kalininsky (Калининский).

In addition to legal intracity okrugs, citizens use historically formed microdistricts of Krasnodar (ru). The most developed districts are Cherеmushki (Черемушки), Enka (Энка), Festivalny (Фестивальный), Gidrostroiteley (Гидростроителей), Komsomolsky (Комсомольский), Tsentralny (Центральный) and Yubileyny (Юбилейный).

* Population of Russian Federation 2021, Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat)

** Charter of Krasnodar, Article 4, Administration of the municipal formation of the city of Krasnodar